Holothuria fisheries monitoring
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BDMer Database

BDMer is a user-driven and user-friendly data management tool for coral reef invertebrate resources (sea cucumbers, trochus, giant clams...). It was created in 2011 through a partnership between the IRD (Institut de recherche pour le développement), the Northern Province of New Caledonia and the Government of Vanuatu (Fisheries Department).

BDMer allows both for incorporating field observations on invertebrate resources and marine habitat maps into a database, and for performing statistical analyses. Users can estimate invertebrate stock level (species biomass, abundance, density...) and associated uncertainty through a data computing module.

BDMer also contains a result display module (tables, graphs...) for rapid and functional analysis of biological data. Species result forms can then be converted into PDF files to generate standardized survey reports.

Get the BDMer 2.0 User Guide (PDF):
Guide Utilisateur de BDMer 2.0

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